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Houston, TX 77018
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Pervious Concrete Video Barziza Concrete Contractor, Inc. has not only obtained the training and certification required by the National Ready Mix Concrete Association, but we also have the specialized equipment crucial to the proper installation, finishing, curing and protection of pervious/permeable concrete.

As of August, 2009 Barziza Concrete Contractor, Inc. has poured over 500 yards of pervious concrete, more than any other company in Houston, Texas.

Pervious (porous) concrete has been called “Earth friendly”, or “eco-friendly” concrete. The natural ingredients mixture for pervious concrete has little or next to no sand, which creates a high void content, giving it the ability to allow water to pass through it and into the ground at the rate of 3 – 8 gallons a minute per square foot of concrete. If you allow water to seep into the ground, it will be filtered and purified, as Mother Nature intended. Therefore, pervious concrete can be instrumental in reducing the need for retention ponds and/or other means of water management.

Pervious concrete has many uses, including, but not limited to, driveways, parking lots, patios, sidewalks, pavements (low-volume) and as drainage on pavement edges.

Pervious concrete has immense environmental benefits, including improving the quality of storm water runoff as well as runoff reduction.

Pervious concrete also has a reflective characteristic, which, together with its porosity, will reduce Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect.

Some concern has been expressed regarding clogging and shrinkage of pervious concrete. If the design of the placement of the concrete is done properly, erosion can be contained. Any clogging of sediment can be removed simply by pressure washing which will bring the pervious concrete back to nearly new condition.

Unlike conventional concrete, the drying and shrinking time is faster, as many types of pervious concrete are permitted to crack randomly and most do not contain control (expansion) joints.

Imagine this:
Less heat surrounding your home or business!
Less standing water (mosquitoes)!
Less retention ponds / irrigation systems!
Less pothole repair expense!
Less resurfacing expense!

These reasons, and more, are why you should contact Barziza Concrete Contractor, Inc. today for more information about pervious concrete!

To learn more about eco-friendly or “Green” building, please visit The National Ready Mix Concrete Association at http://www.nrmca.org/greenconcrete/ .


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